Welcome to the KC City Energy Project


Let’s say you’re a commercial building owner in the city of Kansas City, Mo.? What if we told you that you and all the other building owners in KC could save more than $50 million, and help save the planet at the same time? Would you be in?

Meet the City Energy Project, a national initiative to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings in 10 major American cities.

The City Energy Project is sponsored by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Institute for Market Transformation, which raised $10 million from The Kresge Foundation, the Doris Duke charitable Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies to fund the project.

Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, and six other cool cities, including Kansas City, were chosen to take on this project in an effort to create bold solutions to advance economic development and reduce pollution.

What does it really mean for Kansas City? For one thing, there’s the potential for more than $50 million in reduced energy costs by building owners. Those are substantial savings.

But it also means a 5 percent reduction in the total energy consumption citywide in KCMO, and a 6 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions citywide. And, the fact that KC’s City Energy Project will create jobs and improve Kansas City’s economic competitiveness is pretty exciting too.

Kansas City has already taken big steps toward being more energy efficient. The City Energy Project will build and expand on those efforts.


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