CEP Partner Profile: MC Realty is a Community Leader in Energy Efficiency 

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MC Realty is a commercial real estate, property development and real estate management company based in Kansas City, Missouri. The company started as a facility operations group managing DST Systems’ commercial properties, but has expanded to serve customers beyond DST. MC Realty provides its clients services such as facility operations, property development and project management and development. MC Realty leverages extensive analysis and performance measures, managing facility operations to apply energy saving solutions.

MC Realty manages 13 million square feet of mainly commercial office space, with Energy Star Ratings across its portfolio. All MC Realty-managed buildings are in EPA’s portfolio manager.

MC Realty is currently listed as Kansas City Power & Light’s (KCP&L) number four overall largest customer, and the has company collected more than $1 million from KCPL’s energy savings rebate program over the last five years.

Portfolio-wide Energy Savings at DST facilities have resulted in reduced maintenance costs and increased efficiency. Efficiency efforts have included:

  • Lakos separators installed on all water cooled systems
  • More than 3,000 Wattstopper isole devices deployed
  • Air side filtration installed on all air cooled condensers and cooling towers
  • Current limiting employed on buildings with large chillers
  • Use of staggered air conditioning start times on buildings
  • Locking out of electric heat from April 1 to October 1
  • Retrofitting of more than 2.5 million square feet of garage lighting
  • Reduced Water Usage, including restrooms retrofits

To ensure maximum operations efficiency, all MC Realty field staff have Building Operator Certification Level 1 and are beginning Level 2 certification. Building Operator Certification (BOC®) is a nationally recognized, competency-based training and certification program that offers facilities personnel the job skills and knowledge to transform workplaces to be more comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Here’s a look at how MC Realty has implemented energy efficiency at some of its facilities.

At 1055 Broadway, the garage lighting was retrofit, exchanging 239 fixtures with significantly lower wattage replacements. The elevator was upgraded to be more efficient.  Lighting upgrades were installed, including green ballasts and motion sensors. Pneumatic controls were replaced by Direct Digital Controls. Holiday lighting was retrofit, replacing 3,000 incandescent lamps with 3,000 1-watt LED lights.

The overall reduced usage at 1055 Broadway from 2012 to 2013 was 227,100 KWH including reduction of overall demand by 47 percent.

1055 Broadway

1055 Broadway

At 210 W. 10th Street, an outside air economizer was replaced with water cooled heat exchanger through KCPL’s rebate program. A garage lighting retrofit exchanged 264 150-watt fixtures with 64 watts fixtures.

210 W. 10th St.

210 W. 10th St.

At 2600 Southwest Boulevard, a lighting retrofit resulted a 50 percent reduction in energy usage.

2600 Southwest Blvd.

2600 Southwest Blvd.



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