Millennials moving to Downtown KC is Another Opportunity to Promote Energy Efficiency:


A recent New York Times article about young professionals moving to downtown Kansas City has created quite the buzz in town.  As the article mentions, the millennial generation is rejecting the suburbs for high rise apartments in the downtown corridor.  According to the article, a full 25% of downtown residents are from the millennial generation (defined as individuals from 25 to 34 years of age).

This is great news for Kansas City.  Having a younger demographic in the heart of the city helps create jobs, spur economic development and increase tax revenues.

But what if Kansas City were to take the extra step and really cater to the millennial generation?  How you ask? By providing the most energy efficient buildings available.  Study after study has shown this generation cares deeply about the environment and expects both their place of business and their home to be good environmental stewards.

The Kansas City Energy Project is a tremendous resource that developers could tap into as they build and remodel residential space in downtown.  By providing the most energy efficient space available, building owners would be able to tout their environmental record and provide lower utility costs for their tenants – a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Millennials moving downtown is a great story.  It could be an even better one if building owners and managers take advantage of the resources provided by the City Energy Project to provide the most energy efficient units possible.


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