The Cost of Doing Nothing

They say there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. But you can probably add another to that list- higher energy costs. And those costs will most certainly continue to rise.


No one likes paying higher bills, whether it be gasoline, food or electricity. But those costs are essential to life. Electricity powers our technological world – all those smartphones, tablets and other gadgets have to be charged. In addition, our recent heat wave means all of us will most likely be facing a larger electricity bill next month.

The higher rates are due to higher fuel costs paid by utilities. Those costs are passed onto consumers through rate increases.


Some feel powerless, but they shouldn’t. KCP&L is offering many rebates and other programs to help consumers pay less. Tom Corso, with MC Realty and a member of the CEP Advisory committee, recently testified that his firm had collected over $1 million from KCP&L’s rebate program over the past five years. Corso says utilizing rebate programs and aggressively looking for energy savings is just smart business. He’s right.


The cost of doing nothing is high.  The work of the City Energy Project here in Kansas City will help business owners lower their utility cost and make them more economically competitive.  But only if building owners and tenants take advantage of the programs.  Not doing so just isn’t a good business decision


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