Guest Blog -Why We Accepted the Mayor’s Energy Challenge

By Gary Schlotzhauer, Director, Energy & Engineering, Kessinger Hunterschlotzhauer-g

Energy efficiency is an issue that my firm, Kessinger Hunter, feels strongly about. We are proud to answer the Mayor’s challenge and submit 11 buildings totaling slightly more than 1.15 million square feet to the program.

The buildings are:

  • Park Central Plaza I                 4717 Grand                       108985 sq. ft.                 8 floors
  • Park Central Plaza II               4740 Grand                       33335 sq. ft                 3 floors
  • Two Pershing Square               2300 Main                       516936 sq. ft                 11 floors
  • Holmes Corporate Center I       1001 E 101 Ter                   97518 sq. ft                 3 floors
  • Holmes corporate Center II         800 E 101Ter                   100488 sq. ft                 3 floors
  • Palace Building                         1150 Grand                       59700 sq. ft                 8 floors
  • Red Bridge Professional Bldg   400 E Red Bridge               46315 sq. ft                   3 floors
  • Social Security Administration   6320 Euclid                       11000 sq. ft                   1 floor
  • Tiffany I Office Bldg                 10100 N Ambassador         57406 sq. ft                 4 floors
  • Tiffany II Office Bldg                 10150 N Ambassador         93735 sq. ft                 6 floors
  • Valley View Bank                       4550 Belleview                 24800 sq. ft                 2 floors

So, why should you too accept the challenge? Because knowing your buildings energy use invariably leads to you lowering your energy demand. Measurement is the first key step to reducing energy cost. Many people are surprised when they get an idea of their actual energy use in comparison to peer buildings. If their buildings are inefficient, there are many options to reduce their energy cost, many with very little upfront costs. In fact, the payback time on energy efficiency measures continues to get shorter and shorter as technology improves.

Lower energy costs means your buildings are more economically competitive. You will have lower overhead and those costs improve your business bottom line. As energy cost will continue to rise, you will be ahead of your competitors who failed to realize the value of energy efficiency.

To summarize, the Mayor’s Energy Challenge Program is a no brainer. It will give your business the tools to help reduce your energy costs, making you more competitive. So, do like we did and take the challenge. I am sure you will be glad you did!


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