City Advisory Committee Considers Benchmarking

On Friday, December 5, The City Energy Project Advisory Committee began the conversation to consider a benchmarking ordinance for the City of Kansas City. (Read the Working Draft Ordinance here and the summary here).

Benchmarking is a process where energy and water usage are measured and tracked. The proposed ordinance would use the industry standard tool, the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® portfolio manager. The system is free, and allows building owners and tenants to measure their usage against peer facilities.

The draft ordinance was modeled after similar ordinances  in other cities, including Chicago IL and Minneapolis MN. It would not mandate energy audits or energy efficiency  retrofits to buildings, rather it would give building owners and tenants pertinent information on their energy usage.  The proposed draft ordinance incorporated lessons learned from those cities to make any implementation process more seamless.

The Advisory Committee was appointed by the City Manager with consultation with Mayor Sly James. The group will consider the working draft ordinance to get input and feedback from all stakeholder groups before making a recommendation for the City Council. Any requirement would have to be approved by a vote of the Mayor and City Council.

The next meeting of the Advisory Committee will be in January. Jennifer Gunby ( is collecting comments and questions for the Advisory Committee’s consideration. The conversation on the working draft continues as the committee works for the best solution for Kansas City.


One thought on “City Advisory Committee Considers Benchmarking

  1. Jennifer,
    The Weidt Group has a nice tool for keeping track of municipal buildings and showing year to year energy comparisons for a portfolio of buildings. They developed the tool for Minneapolis then converted the weather files for Iowa. Would be great to expand the tool for Missouri/Kansas.

    associate | architecture

    BNIM | 2011 AIA National Architecture Firm Award

    d 816.783.1630 m 816.564.5891 f 816.783.1501

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