Energy Benchmarking Reports

One of the questions we have received about the working draft of a benchmarking ordinance that the City Energy Project Advisory Committee is considering, is what are the results from other cities that have passed similar ordinances?   There are ten cities (as well as two states) that have passed energy benchmarking policies with the intention of improving their existing buildings’ energy efficiency. Each year, these cities release a benchmarking report that summarizes the program and provides great infographics. Here are a couple of recent reports:

Chicago’s first Benchmarking Report was released just this month, summarizing the initial phase of the Chicago’s Building Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance, adopted in September 2013. In this initial phase, owners of municipal and commercial buildings greater than 250,000 square feet were required to submit their 2013 energy use. Chicago is able to report an impressive 90+% compliance rate for this first phase of submittals. Last week MEEA blogged about Chicago’s inaugural report, check it out at:


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