New ACEEE Report Shows Energy Performance Improvements Can Improve More Than Just Efficiency


A recently released report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) asserts there are multiple benefits of energy improvements.  Those improvements include business’ operational procedures, technology mixes, and maintenance requirements.

The study, authored by Christopher Russell, cites evidence that the inclusion of non-energy benefits can improve the return on investment (ROI) by 50%.

In addition, the report calls for the following:

  • Make the full range of energy efficiency benefits more transparent to business investment decision makers.
  • Stimulate the market for energy efficiency solutions by improving business-sector understanding  of- and thus demand for – energy efficiency and its benefits.
  • Expand the body of knowledge that can be used to promote energy efficiency to business facilities.
  • Refine the cost-benefit evaluation of economic and societal benefits resulting from energy efficiency programs.
  • Improve the determination of energy efficiency rebates and incentives offered by utilities and similar program authorities.
  • Highlight evolving methodologies for defining, measuring, documenting, and reporting benefits over and above energy savings.

Russell argues that the current data available from utilities to create statistically reliable information about the multiple benefits of energy efficiency is insufficient. However, he does believe such information gathering is feasible. The key is collaboration among the numerous organizations involved to ensure accurate information is collected.


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