KC Star Article – Right Choices Aren’t Always Clear

The Kansas City Star posted a great article by James A Fussell – “Want to be eco-friendly? Right choices aren’t always clear-cut”.   Check it out at www.kansascity.com/living/article7553015.html.

The article included information from Warren Adams-Leavitt (Executive Director of the Metropolitan Energy Center), Tom Jacobs (Director of Environmental Programs for Mid-America Regional Council), and Kristin Riott (Executive Director of Bridging the Gap). Three of the Kansas City’s best energy and environment advocates.   While the article only touched briefly on energy – LED is an easy choice to make – the conclusion of the article applies perfectly to energy efficiency.

Tom Jacobs – “Everybody says what does it matter if I recycle another piece of paper, or leave the lights turned on, or if I turn the sprinkler on if it’s raining?

“And it turns out if everybody’s choices reflected just a little bit more concern for the environment, that would really add up. It does matter in a very substantial way.”

The University of California at Berkeley has a great visual example of exactly how your choice of turning off the lights can add up in a substantial way. Check out their Energy Dashboard https://us.pulseenergy.com/UniCalBerkeley/dashboard/#/overview.

What local stories can you share about the cumulative impact of small energy efficiency changes?


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