Speed Energy Efficiency Roundtable & Networking

20150121 Event PhotoThis week the Kansas City Energy Project, partnered with the USGBC Central Plains and the KC Chamber, hosted a unique event in Kansas City – Speed Energy Efficiency Roundtables. Held in the Board Room at Union Station to a backdrop of Happy Hour food and drink, 100 attendees were able to learn more about 15 different energy efficiency topics.

The evening began with 4 rounds of 15 minutes each. Attendees were able to hop between tables, hear presentations and engage in dialogue with a subject matter expert. Imagine ‘speed dating’ with energy efficiency topics.  That was followed by an open format Happy Hour with attendees networking with each other and speaking with the energy efficiency topic representatives they hadn’t had a chance to meet. The event, schedule to run from 4-6pm, lasted well past 7pm as attendees were thoroughly enjoying their conversations. The event would not have been possible without the 12 companies who helped sponsor the event and host a roundtable discussion.

  • Earning the ENERGY STAR Label for Commercial Buildings – Larson Binkley
  • Strategic Energy Management Planning: Leveraging Utility Rebates & Resources for Comprehensive Solutions – KCP&L
  • Increase Efficiency with Smart Buildings – TRANE
  • LED Lighting-Kelvin, Lumens, CRI, Binning, LM-79? Watts Up With That? – Optimum Energy Solutions
  • Benefits of energy efficient doors & low-hanging energy efficient upgrades – Door Security Solutions Mid Continent
  • LED Lighting – Titan LED
  • Achieving Energy Performance through Operator Competency – Outcome Construction Services
  • Energy Benchmarking – AEI Consultants
  • Practical Magic: How to Implement an Energy Program – U.S. Engineering Company
  • Leveraging Wireless Control Solutions to Save Energy in Existing Spaces – MWE Inc.
  • Chilled Water Optimization – Siemens
  • Low/No Cost Building Performance Solutions: From a Building Operators Perspective – MC Realty Group

We also had three exhibiters providing information to the attendees:

  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager – EPA Region 7
  • Workplace Charging – Metropolitan Energy Center
  • PACE Financing – Missouri Clean Energy District

If you would like to know more about any of these topics, send us a note.   We can introduce you to the right contact. And from the very positive feedback we are receiving – this is definitely an event we’ll host again!

Thank you to all of the attendees who came out and helped make it such a great event.


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