2016 Mayor’s Energy Challenge

On Monday, after celebrating the successes of the 2014 Mayor’s Energy Challenge, Mayor Sly James will launch the 2016 Mayor’s Energy Challenge.

Download more details and sign up at kcenergyproject.org/mayors-challenge

The 2016 Mayor’s Energy Challenge invites Kansas City businesses and institutions to increase their 2016 ENERGY STAR® Score over their 2014 ENERGY STAR® Score.  Participating buildings are asked to benchmark their 2014 energy consumption, identify & implement strategies to improve energy efficiency, then demonstrate the achievement through an increased 2016 ENERGY STAR® Score.

Steps to Participate

  1. Enter the Challenge: Submit your 2016 Challenge Commitment Form
  2. Establish the Baseline: Report your 2014 ENERGY STAR® Score (or EUI if a Score is not available)
  3. Improve the Energy Efficiency: Identify & implement strategies to improve the building’s energy efficiency
  4. Report the Results: Report your 2016 ENERGY STAR® Score (or EUI if a Score is not available)

Then await your congratulations and recognition for your accomplishments! Mayor James will recognize challenge participants who reduce their buildings’ energy consumption while using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to track their progress, and report the building’s 2014 and 2016 scores. Additional recognition will be available for those who report a 2015 Score during the spring of 2016 to show their progress. Buildings achieving an ENERGY STAR® Score of 75 or higher will receive special recognition from the City.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Energy Project will be hosting educational workshops, providing technical assistance, and tracking available incentives to help you with your energy efficiency strategies.

For more information, contact Jennifer Gunby at Jennifer.Gunby@imt.org or 816-513-3473.


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