Minneapolis releases its latest benchmarking report

The City of Minneapolis recently released its second annual report on the results of its benchmarking and reporting ordinance.  This is the first year that privately owned buildings over 1000,000 square feet had to report.  The report states that buildings in Minneapolis have the potential to save $11 million on energy costs per year and avoid more than 62,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by increasing their energy efficiency and reducing consumption by 10%.

The key findings of the report include:

  • Building age did not relate to the amount of energy the buildings used
  • Of the 146 largest properties in Minneapolis, 27 are high-performers, 51 are considered above-average, and 68 are below-average performers.  The below-average performing buildings could save 43 percent on energy costs if their performance improved to the current average.
  • Of buildings reporting, hospitals, hotels and schools have the greatest potential for energy savings.  Office buildings are generally high performers with an average ENERGY STAR score of 87.
  • The median ENERGY STAR score for all buildings was 64.

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