Top Certifiers for ENERGY STAR buildings have a heavy Kansas City presence

Recently, the ENERGY STAR program recognized the top certifiers of ENERGY STAR rated buildings.  A total of 13 companies have earned ENERGY STAR certification for 2,600 buildings. Those companies were able to :

  • Saved $562 million on their utility bills
  • Prevented 2.7 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • cut their energy use by 20.5 trillion BTUs.

Several of the top performers have a heavy Kansas City presence.  They include:

  • CBRE – 420 buildings certified in 2014
  • Target Corporation – 346 buildings certified in 2014
  • JLL – 199 buildings certified

ENERGY STAR is celebrating its 15th year of existence.  The program offers a free, online tool that allows building owners to benchmark their energy use.  Those who earn a score of 75 or higher are eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.

The recently passed KCMO Energy Empowerment ordinance requires buildings over a certain size to benchmark and report their energy usage.  The program will be phased in over time.


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