Metropolitan Energy Center looks to reopen Project Living Proof

Our friends at Metropolitan Energy Center have launched a crowd funding website to reopen Project Living Proof.   Find more in formation and a link to their page below.

Project Living Proof (PLP), a demonstration home in a historic neighborhood, teaches visitors how to lower energy bills, make their homes more comfortable, and protect their families from unseen pollutants and contaminants. At PLP homeowners can see different heating and cooling systems, solar water heaters, solar photovoltaics with battery storage, reused and sustainable lumber, alternative fuel uses, urban gardening. They can access information about costs and savings and find resources they need to make greener, more cost-effective decisions when retrofitting their own homes.

Due to a shortage of operating funds, we need your help to re-open the space and assure that its educational services will remain available to the public for years to come. Please support MEC and PLP to transform the way we use energy in America’s heartland!

  • Realtors and appraisers can learn about increasingly common energy efficiency and renewable energy features of homes, and how those features can impact home valuation.
  • Our alternative fuel vehicle demonstration features will expose potential customers to alternative fuel technologies and savings.
  • Homeowners will learn about energy efficiency techniques and technologies, becoming inspired to invest in their own improvements by energy efficiency professionals.
  • Urban gardeners can volunteer to work with Master Gardeners in Project Living Proof’s no-mow yard.
  • Situated where active transportation features include nearby transit stops, Brush Creek trail system, and wide sidewalks in a walkable community.
  • Beyond energy and environment, PLP hosts a variety of cultural, academic and artistic events that will keep it vibrant and consistently draw visitors.

Energy conservation, water conservation, alternative fuels and energy. Project Living Proof has everything—except your financial support. Donate today! Metropolitan Energy Center is a 501c3 nonprofit. Your donation is tax deductible. We are grateful for your support.


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