Kansas City Benefits from Collective Action for Data Standardization and Access

The City of Kansas City, Missouri was competitively selected to participate in the Standardized Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Collaborative, a 3-year partnership with cities who are innovatively reshaping the information landscape in the building sector by compiling energy and water performance data on public and private buildings. The adoption of the Energy Empowerment Ordinance by the City Council of Kansas City prompted the need for a new type of data infrastructure for buildings within the city. The Department of Energy created the SEED Collaborative to enable cities with tools to combine data from multiple sources (e.g., tax assessor’s records and utility company’s databases) using the SEED Platform and standardize datasets nationwide using the Building Energy Data Exchange Specification (BEDES) tool. BEDES is used in the city’s project, and can also be used to align data fields in any building energy data management system. Further, the SEED Platform is open source, so data enthusiasts can access the source code to use and develop applications.

In a complementary program, the Kansas City government and KCP&L electric company are participants in the Energy Data Accelerator (EDA) program, a city-utility partnership to overcome informational barriers to energy efficiency by improving access to energy data. Some of the recommendations being entertained locally include digital data transfer between utility company’s databases and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Portfolio Manager software via a mechanism called web services and promoting a threshold in terms of number of tenant units at which aggregated whole-building data does not reveal individual energy usage patterns.

To discuss these projects locally, contact JC Martel at JC.Martel@KCMO.org.



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