Kansas City Energy Project – Conclusion

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Kansas City Energy Project over the past three years.  Today marks the last day of our program, and I wanted to share references for additional information and details on a few remaining projects.


Kansas City Energy Project

After discussions with many local stakeholders, we have developed the concept for a Clean Energy Resource Center.  The Resource Center will provide Outreach & Promotion, Resource Matchmaking, and Education & Technical Assistance to all Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Multifamily buildings in the Kansas City Metro.  It builds on the successes and lessons learned of the City Energy Project, creating a local one-stop-shop for clean energy assistance and resources here in Kansas City.


Housed within the local nonprofit Metropolitan Energy Center (www.metroenergy.org), the Resource Center will launch later this year.  The Kansas City Energy Project and Metropolitan Energy Center teams continue to fundraise for the Resource Center and refine the programs that will be initially offered.  The KC CEP list serve will be notified when more information is available on the launch of the Resource Center.  Please contact Jennifer Gunby (Jennifer.Gunby at KCMO dot org) to receive notification.


If you are interested in the second phase of the City Energy Project and the ten new cities to launch energy efficiency initiatives, follow their progress at  www.cityenergyproject.org.



2016 Mayor’s Energy Challenge

Planning for the Recognition Event is underway!  We had 40+ buildings accept the Challenge to improve their 2016 energy consumption compared to a 2014 baseline year.  Join us for a Recognition Event for the participating buildings and organizations.  Details and registration information will be shared when available.

2016 Mayor’s Energy Challenge Recognition Event: Save-The-Date

Tuesday June 13th

Registration and breakfast at 7:30 am, Program from 8:00 am- 9:30 am.

Union Station, Chamber Boardroom, 30 W Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108

Hosted by the City of Kansas City Missouri, USGBC Central Plains Chapter and the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce



Kansas City Missouri’s Energy Empowerment Program

For buildings in Kansas City Missouri subject to the Energy Empowerment Ordinance, your best resource is the program’s website – http://kcmo.gov/kcgreen/benchmarking.  There is also an Energy Empowerment Ordinance Help Center reachable at benchmarking@kcmo.org or 816-513-3462.  If you are interested in finding out more about cities with similar policies, visit www.buildingrating.org.


Energy Efficiency Resources

If you would like to find out more about upcoming workshops and training opportunities, while eagerly awaiting the launch of the Clean Energy Resource Center, the USGBC-Central Plains Chapter (www.usgbc.org/usgbc-central-plains) hosts a variety of events, and the Built Environment Partners (http://bepkc.org) is a collaboration of organizations involved with the built environment with a shared calendar on their website.


Energy Star®, and Energy Star® Portfolio Manager continue to be a great resource for energy efficiency.  Visit their website at www.energystar.gov, their Help Center at www.energystar.gov/buildingshelp, or find a list of available trainings and access the knowledge base at www.energystar.gov/buildings/training.




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