Download a PDF summarizing the programs offered by the Kansas City Energy Project:

Kansas City Energy Project_Programs Summary_2015.07


The City Energy Project (CEP) is a national initiative to create healthier and more prosperous American cities by improving the energy efficiency of large buildings. Kansas City, Missouri has joined this effort. Working in partnership, the CEP and the City will support innovative, practical solutions that cut energy waste, boost the local economy, reduce harmful pollution, and keep Kansas City a leading city in the Heartland.

Through CEP, Kansas City will develop its own locally tailored plan to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste in large buildings across the community. This plan will include multiple strategies, integrated so they will have greater impact than any one program or policy alone could have.

CEP Staff will offer their energy expertise to help guide Kansas City in the planning, designing, and implementing process. Kansas City will develop energy efficiency solutions that are unique, flexible, and support the following goals:

  • Promote efficient building operations: Strong building energy performance can be achieved through efficient operations and maintenance and training facility personnel.
  • Encourage private investment: Common-sense solutions to financial and legal barriers to energy efficiency will increase private investment in building energy improvements.
  • Show City leadership: Kansas City will lead by example and reduce taxpayer-funded energy consumption in municipal buildings, and encourage the private sector to match their actions.
  • Promote transparency: Building energy performance information should be transparent and accessible to spur market demand and competition for energy-efficient buildings.

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