Mayor’s Energy Challenge


2016 Mayor’s Energy Challenge

The 2016 Mayor’s Energy Challenge invites Kansas City business and institutions to increase their 2016 ENERGY STAR® Score over their 2014 ENERGY STAR® Score.

Mayor James will recognize challenge participants who reduce their buildings’ energy consumption while using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to identify their ENERGY STAR® Score or EUI (if an ENERGY STAR® Score is not available), and report the building’s 2014 and 2016 scores. Buildings achieving an ENERGY STAR® Score of 75 or higher will receive special recognition from the City.

  • The challenge is issued by Mayor Sly James and managed by the Kansas City Energy Project.
  • All buildings in Kansas City, Missouri, are eligible to participate.
  • Commitments to participate must be made by December 31, 2016.

GOAL – For buildings in Kansas City to benchmark their 2014 energy consumption, identify & implement strategies to improve energy efficiency, then demonstrate the achievement through an increased 2016 ENERGY STAR® Score.

Find out more by downloading the

Summary Handout: Mayor Energy Challenge_2016_Summary Form_v20150401

Challenge Participant Details: Mayor Energy Challenge_2016_Participant Details_v20150401

Challenge Commitment Form: Mayor Energy Challenge_2016_Challenge Commitment Form_v20150401

Click Here to Sign Up for the Challenge


Contact Jennifer Gunby at 816-513-3473 or

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