Kansas City was one of 10 cities selected in 2014 to develop a City Energy Project.  Find out more about the National initiatives, the other selected cities. and the work of the Institute for Market Transformation.

The KC CEP has partnered with the USGBC Central Plains Chapter to provide an Energy Vendor Database.  Here you fill find surveys completed by local energy efficiency service and product suppliers.

ENERGY STAR is a US EPA program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.  ENERGY STAR also provides a free online tool you can use to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.


Financial Incentives, Programs & Resources

The Energy Empowerment Ordinance (Ordinance 150299) was approved in June 2015, preceded by a unanimous adoption of Resolution 150300.  Resolution 150300 requires a report to the Mayor and City Council outlining currently available and future potential sources of financial incentives and technical assistance for assessing energy usage and making energy efficiency improvements to buildings in Kansas City. The report was prepared by the Office of Environmental Quality, with assistance by staff of the City Energy Project.

The report highlights a number of financial incentives provided by our local utilities for energy efficiency improvements to buildings, but there are very few state and federal financial incentives available, and no city financial incentives are currently available.  Some private sector entities offer financial resources to assist with energy efficiency improvements and there are numerous resources available for technical assistance.  The report also covers a robust outreach plan for the Energy Empowerment Ordinance, and a recommendation on benchmarking and reporting for building projects which receive financial incentives in the form of tax abatements, tax-increment-financing, or other tax incentives from the City.


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